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I am trying to use MS Graph Security API to get Secure Score data from my newly created tenant. The tenant has been created on 16th July i.e. 5 days back. I can see the Secure Score within Security Center but there is no Identity related secure like Number of admins has to be less than 3, more than 1 etc.

If I try and use MS Graph Security API (List Secure Score), it is not returning any data.

"@odata.context": "https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/$metadata#Security/secureScores",
"value": [] }

On the Secure Score Portal, it is giving me the below message

"Microsoft is calculating your Secure Score, which usually takes 2-4
days from when your tenant was created. Please check back later."

I have below questions if someone can help please –

  1. How do I enforce a secure score calculation for default security controls. I have enabled the default security controls today. ASC Defaults are enabled by default and I have added a few more Azure policies on top of it. My primary goal is to view the control scores using MS Graph Security API.
  2. How can i add more security controls to be added as part of secure score or is it done by default for all Azure Policies.

Sorry, If these are very basic questions but I tried looking for documentation but could not find any on this.

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