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I am creating the invoice using python-quickbooks. I am creating multiple line-entries in the using the following code:

        #   Line Details

        line_detail = SalesItemLineDetail()
        line_detail.UnitPrice = 100  # in dollars
        line_detail.Qty = 1  # quantity can be decimal
        line_detail.ServiceDate = "2020-03-18"
        item_ref = Ref()
        item_ref.value = "1"
        item_ref.name = "Services"
        line = SalesItemLine()
        line.Amount = 100  # in dollars
        line.Description = "Line Entry Description"
        line.SalesItemLineDetail = line_detail
        line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef = item_ref

However, I would to enable tax for each of the line entries and set the overall tax as "Federal Tax" at 12%

Any idea how to do it?

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