#StackBounty: #encryption What is the Digests section in cryptsetup

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If you run the command cryptsetup luksDump /dev/sda5 (change device to whatever LUKS encrypted device), you will get an output, and at the end there is a section “Digests” which contains something like this:

  0: pbkdf2
    Hash:       sha256
    Iterations: 104492

What does this section represent? Why does it show sha256 here and argon2i in the Keyslots section?

The Keyslots section shows the password hash used as argon2i:

  0: luks2
    Key:        512 bits
    Priority:   normal
    Cipher:     aes-xts-plain64
    Cipher key: 512 bits
    PBKDF:      argon2i

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