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I activated the document id feature for my site collections. Now I can get two types of links for office documents:

  1. Durable links like https://{tenant}.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/{Identifier}?e=33sUal and
  2. Document Id links like https://{tenant}.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID={DocId}

If I send these links and someone uses 1. the document opens in Office for editing and can be saved back to SharePoint.
If 2. is opened, a local copy of the document is created and Office cannot save back changes SharePoint.

This is somehow annoying. I really would like to use Document Id links, because as stated in https://blog.ioz.ch/durable-links-vs-document-id/, durable links are not really durable.

Are there other alternatives?

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