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Currently I have Teams installed on my laptop (Kubuntu 20.04)

I used to use teams via my work account (while interning). (To log-in, enter work email on teams sign in page, redirects to company SSO, enter credentials, and I am inside teams)

Now that I’m done with my internship, I want to use my school’s teams account, but am stuck at the company’s SSO page, with no option to switch to a different domain. The only fields present are Username and Password, and entering any other username (of different domain) gives me an error "Could not find this account".

My work email has been deactivated.

I have tried uninstalling teams via sudo apt --purge remove teams and installing again (downloaded the .deb), but am still greated with the company’s SSO.

Tried uninstalling via sudo apt remove teams and deleting teams folder under ~/.config/ and then restarting my laptop, installing teams again, but somehow the company’s SSO still shows up.


Running with sudo (sudo teams), I get Microsoft’s sign in to your account page, and can now access my school’s teams account.
How do I reset teams to this behaviour,so that I get Microsoft’s sign in page without using sudo?

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