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I have an implimentation as follows,

  1. There is a payment form wherein user fills all the details.(API1), here I’m getting 302.
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  2. On submit of that form one of the function in my views is called.
  3. In the backend implimentation ie. in views.py, I want to send a POST request to one of the gateways I have integrated.(API2)
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But the problem is coming as the request is going as GET and hence it is dropping all the form data I’m sending along with the request.

Following is the code for the same,
views.py –>

headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
payload = {
    'CustomerID': 'abc',
    'TxnAmount': '1.00',
    'BankID': '1',
    'AdditionalInfo1': '999999999',
    'AdditionalInfo2': 'test@test.test',

payload_encoded = urlencode(payload, quote_via=quote_plus)

response = requests.post('https://www.billdesk.com/pgidsk/PGIMerchantRequestHandler?hidRequestId=****&hidOperation=****', data=payload_encoded, headers=headers)

content = response.url
return_config = {
    "type": "content",
    "content": redirect(content)
return return_config

How do i send the 2nd request(API2) as POST request along with all params?

What am i doing wrong here?
Thank you for your suggestions.

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