#StackBounty: #react-native #react-navigation-v5 How to add components above createMaterialTopTabNavigator?

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Following is my createMaterialTopTabNavigator

        activeTintColor: "#9e39ff",
        inactiveTintColor: "#4b5358",
        showLabel: true,
        showIcon: true,
        tabStyle: {
          flexDirection: "row",
          tabBarIcon: ({ focused }) => (
              source={focused ? MATCHES_SELECTED_ICON : MATCHES_UNSELECTED_ICON}

Now I need to add some Text,Button above createMaterialTopTabNavigator and after that show the createMaterialTopTabNavigator.

I tried adding createMaterialTopTabNavigator component in my own screen but it is not visible. I also tried adding the components above Tab.Navigator but they won’t work

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