#StackBounty: #python-3.x #bing-maps #geocoder Open a Bing Map of the world and put a pushpin on a location in Python 3

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Given a Bing Maps API key, Python 3 and the location on a Bing Map of a city, as given by for example

import geocoder # pip install geocoder
g = geocoder.bing('Mountain View, CA', key=BING_KEY)

How do I, in Python 3 and using geocoder with or without another package:

  • Open up Bing Maps to a map of the world
  • Set a pushpin on Mountain View, as specified by the BBOX or any other element of the JSON from Bing obtained as above using geocoder?

Microsoft shows Javascript examples but doesn’t seem to have a native Python API, and I couldn’t find a Bing Maps API for pushpins in GitHub, only a few APIs that extract information but not any that decorate a map.

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