#StackBounty: #networking #home-networking #wireless-access-point Redundant routes between switches

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I have a relatively simple (home) network setup.


Ubiquiti Edgerouter X
Ubiquiti AP (NanoHD)
+clients (wired and wireless)


Unmanaged gigabit switch
Ubiquiti AP (AC Lite)
+ clients (wired and wireless)

Downstairs the router is wired to the AP, and is also wired to a powerline plug to connect to the upstairs switch.

Upstairs the AP is wired into the unmanaged switch.

My issue is that the powerline adapters every so often will drop their connection, requiring a powercycle to recover. The Ubiquitis support wired backhaul but I haven’t enabled it (yet).

I would like the network to be tolerant of any failures of the powerline plugs. If both the upstairs AP and the powerline effectively are connecting upstairs to downstairs through the upstairs switch, will that a) work, b) will clients be able to ‘get to downstairs’ and out to the internet through the remaining "good" link (i.e. either the wired AP backhaul or the powerline) in the event of failure?

If not what is my best upgrade option – will a managed switch help me here? (trying to avoid putting holes through the walls and running Cat6)


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