#StackBounty: #display #touchscreen Rotate HDMI Touchscreen on RPi3 (Balena OS)

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I’m trying to use the raspberry pi 3 in kisok mode on a 27" hdmi/touchscreen display on portrait mode

I’ve managed to rotate the display with the configuration BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_display_hdmi_rotate=1 (equivalant to putting display_hdmi_rotate=1 in /boot/config.txt)

but I struggle to rotate the touchscreen inputs.

  • should it be possible with configuration in /boot/config.txt ? I tried various lcd_rotate=... and display_rotate=... but it changes nothing
  • should I be able to do that with udev rules ? if so how do I figure how to write the rule (selector and transformation matrice) ? and, can I try to apply a rule from the command line without restarting the device ?

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