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I have a funny situation involving MySites and OneNote documents.

I have gone into SharePoint mysites site and verified that I have permissions given to a particular Document Library with permissions inherited from the Site Collection.

The MySite site collection has a Sharepoint Viewers sharepoint group, and Everyone is a member of the group. Pretty typical stuff. Nothing special.

Sharepoint search allows users to search for this document. All good.

But when they click on the document, they get permission denied.

I used the CSOM api and it also shows the same thing – the OneNote document inherits permissions from the site collection, and it is granting read access to Everyone via the Sharepoint Viewers group.

Is there some special situation where you can have sharepoint permissions set up to allow access to a doc, but you cannot view that document? Particularly something special with OneNote documents on MySites perhaps? Or perhaps the Everyone claim is special in some way causing this confusing behavior?

UPDATE: I just went back and ran this test again, and suddenly users can access the document. Maybe this is some sort of intermittent problem that I should open a trouble ticket with Microsoft about?

UPDATE 2: I found this same situation for non-OneNote documents today. So this has nothing to do with OneNote specifically.

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