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Following up on unanswered comments in this question.

I’m trying to use zeroconf/bonjour for a home network specialty network device which needs to pass through certain traffic to additional devices – zeroconf with extra hostnames seems like the easiest and most flexible approach if I can get it work.

My first passes at avahi-deamon deflated my hopes in that perhaps only one name can be registered per host. But then I found the above-linked SO post with its references that suggested to me that it might just be a configuration. I believe I configured my system according to the recommendations, but name resolution by teriary-domain from the same device or other machines still isn’t working. So I can’t tell if I’m just doing it wrong or if it isn’t possible and I’ve misunderstood the documentation.

With hosts: files mdns4 [NOTFOUND=return] resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] dns in /etc/nsswitch.conf – Is this one change on a single host expected to fix name resolution on all networked clients? Or this is only expected to fix each client’s name-resolution strategy, and must be applied to all clients that wish to participate in non-minimal zeroconf name resolution? These might be stupid questions, but I’m basing it on the belief that avahi uses nss to figure out if it should respond to a zeroconf name resolution query, or whatever. Plus, if it worked locally but not from other machines, I would have confidence that it needed to be applied everywhere – but since it isn’t even working to resolve the names locally (where the configuration IS changed) then I figure I just have it wrong. What can I expect to work?

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