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In Kubuntu 20.04 i installed the application hardware sensors indicator but this is for gnome. Will work in Kubuntu because sensors detected but none are enabled for monitoring. To enable monitoring of sensors open the Preferences window and select the sensors to monitor.I open that window but no result in showing the temperatures.
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The application also has support for Kubuntu through snap and is updated on july 27 2020 (https://snapcraft.io/install/indicator-sensors/kubuntu). The application opens but does not indicate the temperatures. Another additional package must be installed to work or what needs to be done?

If i install gnome-3-34-1804 sudo snap install gnome-3-34-1804 (the base libraries and desktop integration components and shares it through the content interface) will work ?

I’m not sure if it will work and i don’t want to mess up the new installation of Kubuntu 20.04 , because i don’t know what change it brings.
If someone has installed it can specify if it works for this problem ?

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