#StackBounty: #linux #xfce #xubuntu #xfce4 #ubuntu-20.04 Xfce's clock is slow to update after waking from suspend, is this normal?

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I’m running Xubuntu 20.04, which I believe puts me on Xfce 4.14. This issue has got me in to some trouble when I return to my machine and contact people whilst having a completely wrong idea of what time it is. The issue can be triggered as follows:

  • Take a note of the time as reported by the panel’s clock and suspend to RAM before it changes.
  • Wait a while. I typically leave for hours, but I presume that a few minutes is sufficient.
  • Wake the machine and log back in.
  • Look at the time, it will still be stuck at what it was when you left.
  • I suspect that the time doesn’t change until you hit the end of the current minute. For example, if you leave at 8:30:45 and come back at 9:30:20, I suspect that it will take 40 seconds to update to 9:31.

Is this a known bug with known fixes?

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