#StackBounty: #zsh #macos #autocorrection Why does Zsh correct ssh User@ip1 to User@ip2, and how to stop it?

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On Mac OS X 10.9 and zsh version 5.0.2 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.0) the ssh user@ command traps a correct to ssh User@ [nyae].

I don’t want to disable zsh correction on the ssh command completely.

How figure out why zsh wants to make this correct, and prevent it from occurring?


  • ssh User@ also zsh correct to User@
  • ssh does not trap the zsh correct to ssh
  • ssh User@ does not zsh correct to User@
  • there is a .zsh_history file of 2013 while zsh is configured for a maximum history of 2000 commands
  • removing all occurences of ssh User@ from .zsh_history doesn’t improve
  • both and list as host on tab completion
  • minimal .zshrc where the issue occurs contains only: setopt correctall

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