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Apologies, but I need to post some drastic changes to my original post. I don’t think this problem is specific to Notepad++, and it’s not specific to file-open. Also slow for saves. Similar problems occur in windows Notepad and other text editors. Extremely slow to open even the smallest files, and extremely slow to save. Even a small photoshop file that should have saved in under a second takes 7 seconds to save. But as described in more detail below, after a file has been opened, then closed in the same session, it opens again instantly. And the slow save only happens on the first-time save, never on subsequent saves.

It is strange but I think this problem coincides with the installation of a new M.2 SSD PCIe drive that is widely regarded as blazing fast. I cloned my slower SSD drive and made this new (faster) SSD drive my primary/boot/C drive. I can’t be certain that’s when these problems began, but it’s very possible, and the timeline is close. But none of the files reside on C – they’re all on a normal SSD drive. And this problem only just started a few weeks ago, around the time I installed the new M.2

I have a very fast computer with an SSD drive. A few weeks ago (possibly coinciding with the installation of a very fast M.2 SSD drive, and making it my primary C drive), suddenly, it became very slow to open even tiny text files (8-15 Kb) in Notepad++ (and other text editors) from the SSD drive. It takes consistently about 7 seconds each to open any of these small files.

I have found similar posts, but always more understandable scenarios:

Here are a few comparisons and details:

  • Slow to open first time in same session. Slow to save, first save only. Slow saves even happen in Adobe Photoshop, but only on the first save.
  • Windows Defender firewall is running, but realtime protection is turned off, and I don’t have any other AV running.
  • Within a given NPP session, if I close a file and then reopen it, it opens instantly. But if I close NPP, relaunch, then open the same file again – it takes 7 seconds. Similar in windows notepad and other text editors.
  • If I close NPP and re-launch it, any files that were open in the previous session re-open by default, and it’s instantaneous – no delays. It’s only when I manually open a file in a new session that the slowness occurs. This is bizarre: I can have 15 files open in NPP and close the app. Then when I relaunch NPP, all 15 files open instantly/automatically in 15 different tabs. But as soon as I do File -> Open and open a file that isn’t already opened, it takes 7 seconds and it acts like the whole OS is hung and straining.
  • I uninstalled all my NPP plugins and restarted – still takes 7 seconds to open small text files.
  • I have rebooted my PC several times.
  • I ran chkdsk on the drive where the text files are, no bad sectors.
  • I ran procmon, got results, but don’t know what I’m looking for amidst the thousands of entries.
  • I ran wpr – it begins a recording session successfully, but when I run it again with -stop + filename, I get the error cannot change thread mode after it is set.
  • I uninstalled NPP and re-installed it. For about 1 day this solved the problem and files opened instantly. Then the next day the original problem was back again.
  • I ran Optimize against all my drives as per Bob Denton’s suggestion below – it made no difference.

This is so annoying. Any ideas?

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