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I do want to put some source code entries and some figures/images in my appendix for more details see this question), and thus I would find it very useful to have a backlink there (just like you can have in the bibliography or acronym TOC with acro or so), because the part where it is referenced is very far away from where it is printed (i.e. in the appendix).

In short, this question basically assumes the "opposite" of the question „Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned”, i.e. my images/listings are far away from where they are mentioned and thus I’d like a backref for them, so people can find the explanation for a code snippet or image I cite when they just look at the appendix.

I have used hyperref‘s commands for referencing the figure or listing created via minted, so e.g. autoref, nameref or fullref.

Thus, is it possible somehow to add a backreference (backref/backlink) to the caption – or keeping my other idea in mind of using headlines instead of captions there somewhere else in the text?

I e.g. want a caption like this:

Source code snippet showing how A makes B. (mentioned on pages 5, 7-8.)

The exact style, i.e. whether it is compact and skips pages or what intro it uses ("mentioned on pages" could also juist be replaced by "pp." or another abbrevation that is likely already defined in some biblatex or acro macro) so, does not matter, but I e.g. like the style acro uses.)

Note: For obvious reasons that backref should possibly exclude a link in a TOC like listoflistings or listoffigures.

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