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We have a file server (fs00) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

  • Running Windows Server 2019 (with Desktop Experience installed).
  • One OS / System disk (250GB SSD)
  • An independent data disk (5TB standard tier)
  • Backups performed via disk snapshots with VSS coalescing enabled.

The data disk:

  • Is a "Basic" disk in the OS
  • GPT partition table
  • NTFS file system.
  • Has Data Deduplication enabled on the resulting volume / share
    • 5.8x space saving reported.

When trying to restore a backup, we’ve:

  • Created a new disk from a snapshot
  • Attached it to a fresh Windows Server 2019 VM (from the GCP base image).

The disk appears in "diskmgmt.msc", but doesn’t show correctly in Server Manager, only showing a the physical disk with no volumes, even after we "Online" the disk in either "diskmgmt" or Server Manager.

I can assign a drive letter and access most of the files (so far).

"Get-DedupStatus" shows nothing

The disk/volume doesn’t show in "Get-Volume" either.

Nothing is different after installing the Deduplication Feature

Or after starting the dedup service manually in "services.msc".

My question is: should I be able to enable the deduplication service and see the metadata?

I’m worried about getting this correct for a scenario where we need to restore EVERYTHING from backup and realising the snapshots are as good as useless.

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