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After recent update and restart my screen is overlaid with semi-transparent gray.

I’ve got no clue how to solve it, only thing that sort of works is changing monitors arrangement in settings, so that only the laptop’s screen is gray, That works for multi-screen setup (well, not really, my laptop’s screen is unusable), but doesn’t solve it for normal, laptop-only use.

Below screenshots to better understand it.

Does anyone have any ideas? Googling doesn’t really help

It seems to be user-related. I’ve created a new user and it looks all right.

Setting brightness with xrandr ($ xrandr --output HDMI-1 --brightness 1) does work, but it does not have any influence on the overlay.

Gray overlay:
Gray overlay

Rearranging laptop screen moves the overlay:
Rearranging laptop screen moves the overlay

My current setup being a "solution":
My current setup being a "solution"

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