#StackBounty: #nvidia #xorg #xinerama Why won't my saved Nvidia X settings rotate my screen?

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I have a dual monitor setup and I rotate one of my screens to the left. It is currently working as expected, and is a simple configuration.

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The saved /etc/X11/xorg.conf looks like:

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings:  version 440.82

Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier     "Layout0"
    Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0
    InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
    InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
    Option         "Xinerama" "0"

Section "Files"

Section "Module"
    Load           "dbe"
    Load           "extmod"
    Load           "type1"
    Load           "freetype"
    Load           "glx"

Section "InputDevice"

    # generated from default
    Identifier     "Mouse0"
    Driver         "mouse"
    Option         "Protocol" "auto"
    Option         "Device" "/dev/psaux"
    Option         "Emulate3Buttons" "no"
    Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

Section "InputDevice"

    # generated from default
    Identifier     "Keyboard0"
    Driver         "kbd"

Section "Monitor"

    # HorizSync source: edid, VertRefresh source: edid
    Identifier     "Monitor0"
    VendorName     "Unknown"
    ModelName      "Philips PHL 241B8Q"
    HorizSync       85.0 - 85.0
    VertRefresh     48.0 - 76.0
    Option         "DPMS"

Section "Device"
    Identifier     "Device0"
    Driver         "nvidia"
    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"
    BoardName      "GeForce GTX 1060 3GB"

Section "Screen"

# Removed Option "nvidiaXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-5"
# Removed Option "nvidiaXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-3"
# Removed Option "metamodes" "DP-2: nvidia-auto-select +1080+420 {ForceCompositionPipeline=On, ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}, DP-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0 {rotation=left, ForceCompositionPipeline=On, ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}"
    Identifier     "Screen0"
    Device         "Device0"
    Monitor        "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth    24
    Option         "Stereo" "0"
    Option         "nvidiaXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-5"
    Option         "metamodes" "DP-0: nvidia-auto-select +0+0 {rotation=left, ForceCompositionPipeline=On, ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}, DP-2: nvidia-auto-select +1080+420 {ForceCompositionPipeline=On, ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}"
    Option         "SLI" "Off"
    Option         "MultiGPU" "Off"
    Option         "BaseMosaic" "off"
    SubSection     "Display"
        Depth       24

Now when I turn the screens off, things get Ubuntu-y. When I turn them back on, the rotate left setting will be unapplied, and the screens will sometimes be in reversed order, i.e., adjusting settings for the screen on the left will change settings for the screen on the right, and the right screen will need to be dragged over so the screens swap places and then apply the rotate setting.

enter image description here

It’s not the end of the world, but every time I turn my screens on I have to play this little guessing game with the Nvidia UI – rotate the screen, apply, oops that was one of Ubuntu’s trick cases where I need to move the right screen over to be the left screen, drag right screen over to left, rotate left screen, save, finally working – all because the saved Xorg config doesn’t load the config like it’s meant to.

Been a Ubuntu desktop user for 5 years now but this stuff is honestly just embarrassing, the need to debug something as simple as a monitor configuration.

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