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I have to create a relatively large Microsoft Word template file that will contains a couple of hundred Mail Merge fields. Some of these are duplicate fields but that isn’t too much of an issue.

I have an Access database that contains all the available merge fields, I have added this as the Recipient List and the “Insert Merge Field” list (in the “Mailings” tab) successfully shows the full list.

Each field has to go into a separate table cell.

The method I am currently using is as follows:

  1. Select the target cell
  2. Click the “Insert Merge Field” button (which shows a modal form with the list)
  3. Select the item I want and insert it (which can take a few seconds to scroll and find the item I want)
  4. Close the modal box (because I cannot select another cell with it still open)
  5. Repeat

This is to say the least very time consuming. It would be perfect if I didn’t have to close the “Insert Merge Field” each time and I could just select the new cell and insert the new value, but I cannot.

Is there some other method I could use to help speed up this process? Is there a way I can select the new cell without closing the “Insert Merge Field” box?

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