#StackBounty: #8 #commerce #charts No charts (or graphics of any kind) on Commerce reports dashboard page?

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I’m currently on Drupal 8.9.1 and using Drupal commerce 8.x-2.20

I’ve installed Commerce reports module latest version 8.x-1.0-beta1:
and with it Charts module, also latest, 8.x-3.2:

since Commerce reports should be using it.

However when I visit Commerce reports dashboard page: /admin/commerce/reports
I don’t see any chart or graphics of any kind. All I can see are 2 links: "Purchased items report" and "Sales" and nothing more?! Not even similar to the screenshots on Commerce reports module page.

What am missing here? Do I have to install some additional yet module to get charts like on the screenshots?

Update on Chart module installation

First, I’m handling my modules/dependencies with composer. I followed procedure from README.txt of "charts_google" sub-module since (if I understood well) Reports module should use it. So I do have it’s library installed at:


and that’s the only file I got in "libraries" dir ("web" is web-root of my site).

Now, it’s default config page at /admin/config/content/charts looks fine. Here I set "Google" for charting library. But on "Google Charts" tab at /admin/config/content/charts/google of that page I see only "Placeholder" block and nothing more?

Also installed "Google Visualization API" module.

I expected Reports module to use default library, but it’s not using it. And I don’t see any config page of Reports module where I can select which library should be used.

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