#StackBounty: #encryption #swap #hibernate Failure when recovering from hibernation with encrypted drive on Ubuntu 20.04. Swapfile prio…

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I used to hibernate on my laptop whose disk is encrypted, under ubuntu 20.04, following the instruction given here and here (except that I didn’t manage to make it work before ubuntu 20.04 because of nvidia drivers issues…).

But for some times, it does not work anymore: at recovering, after I type my encryption password, it hangs forever…

I first problem that I have is that I don’t really know how to "debug" this issue…

Then I wonder if the problem could come from swap priority. When I compare to here, my priorities are in wrong order.

root@is241395:~# swapon 
/swapfile file       40G   0B   -3
/dev/dm-2 partition 980M   0B   -2

Can my problem comes from this. How to update these priorities (I am not sure to understand the relation with the fstab)?


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