#StackBounty: #multi-signature #signature #bip174-psbt How to sign a transaction and also get the signature part from it using electrum…

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  1. How do I sign a transaction with following things:

Unsigned Tx: 0100000001e939fb23e9991ebbc75fd08c736da32ca12d98a4ff1b8e970e97f5661927ee410000000000ffffffff01db400f00000000001600147f6757aebaf775d9ce50b2005d551e2501b1e80d00000000

Private key associated with one of the public keys used for creating 2-of-3 multisig:

  1. Once the tx is signed, how do I get the ‘signature’ part from it?

Public key: 0318370919cfceb3d260081eeca3cae19f941eec321f597c48a64839178ea1e3e0

I tried signing the transaction with unsigned tx and private key however it returns something that doesn’t make sense. Whats wrong here and how do I resolve this?


pre>signtransaction(tx, opt_privkey)

>> signtransaction('0100000001e939fb23e9991ebbc75fd08c736da32ca12d98a4ff1b8e970e97f5661927ee410000000000ffffffff01db400f00000000001600147f6757aebaf775d9ce50b2005d551e2501b1e80d00000000','cQ8KpCuZ11wm8ARD3pPeaqyuUBPusrH9pnVRwDu47kLpxwCZ4ap6')

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