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I don’t know if this question has been answered before but I could not find any answer so I am posting. If found duplicate I am really sorry and guide me to the original post.

I am trying to learn how to connect JAVA and MySQL so I would like to create a table remotely using MySQL and access the data present in them using Java.

As I am using the organization laptop I cannot install any software so I thought of creating a table in some online platform and access it using my Eclipse but I could not find any website which allows me to create a simple MySQL table.

  • I tried AWS but here we have to provide Credit card information. I know the money won’t be deducted unless I exceed the usage but still bit sceptical.
  • Same with other many websites where we have to provide the Credit card info.
    I thought of using PHPMyAdmin but need to install the xampp or wamp server.
  • Thought of using the DOCKER but same issue. I need to install the DOCKER HUB as I am using the Windows 10.

Is there any website where I can create a simple table and access the data remotely using the Java?

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