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For some reason I need to get rid of the default desktop and instead I need a terminal to be in the place of the desktop. As an example if I’m using Windows my desktop looks as shown in below.

enter image description here

But, I don’t need to see the desktops icons & wallpaper, and what I need to see is the desktop as the screenshot shown in below. (Note: Here I have used Windows Terminal).

enter image description here

So, then when I right-click my taskbar and select Show the desktop or press Win + D shortcut, it should come to this Terminal Desktop instead of that ordinary desktop! Note that I still need to see the taskbar (I don’t need a complete DOS feeling :D).

How can I archive this?

I was thinking that,

May be stacking the items as this, will be a solution.

enter image description here

(Note that, this stacking should be persistent.)

How can I achieve this?

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