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Currently, I have a single row horizontal UICollectionView with UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout

[All] [Calendar] [Home2] [Work3] [Work4] ... [Work8] [⚙]

The UICollectionView, is acting as a scrollable Tab layout navigation bar.

When user switch to [⚙] page, he is able to delete the tab before itself. In this case, during the 1st time of the delete operation, tab [Work8] will be removed.

Here’s the straightforward code to achieve so.


func debug() {
    if tabInfos.count < 2 {
    let index = tabInfos.count-2
    tabInfos.remove(at: index)
    let indexPath = getIndexPath(index)
    self.tabCollectionView.deleteItems(at: [indexPath])
    // TODO: Possible solution.
    DispatchQueue.main.async() {
        let indexPath = self.getIndexPath(self.tabInfos.count-1)
        self.tabCollectionView.selectItem(at: indexPath, animated: false, scrollPosition: .centeredVertically)
        self.tabCollectionView.scrollToItem(at: indexPath, at: .right, animated: true)

    // Clear left/ right cached view controllers - https://stackoverflow.com/a/21624169/72437
    pageViewController.dataSource = nil
    pageViewController.dataSource = self

    // Don't forget to adjust the selection index.
    if index < self.selectedTabInfoIndex {
        selectedTabInfoIndex -= 1

Strange outcome

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzgb4QErUes (Please refer to this video for complete deletion animation)

This is how it looks like before deletion

enter image description here

As you can see in the video, after the deletion of [Work8], the left side tab ([Work3]) is not visible

enter image description here

My expected outcome is, [Work3] should be visible too immediately, without any additional action from user. I need to tap on the UICollectionView, move it abit, only all the tabs will appear

enter image description here

I prefer not to use reloadData, as

  1. It will not preserve scroll position of UICollectionView.
  2. It does not have animation.

Do you have any idea what is the root cause of this strange animation outcome?

Here’s the complete source code to try it out – https://github.com/yccheok/ios-tutorial/releases/tag/debug

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