#StackBounty: #ubuntu #networking #linux-networking #kubernetes managing multiple LAN on bare metals in kubernetes

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Here is my setup :

  • I have multiple LAN’s on bare metals.
  • each LAN has a hardware router and has a static ip
  • each LAN has address range 192.168.1.*
  • external traffic usually comes to hardware router and then needs to be served by 1 of the service within the LAN

Need :

  • keep the LAN isolated sometimes(in few use cases) : like deploying an application to a LAN

Options :

  • Should i have 1 kubernetes OR 1 kubernetes for each LAN. 1 kubernetes per cluster would be a nightmare for me to manage so manage many clusters; I think 1 kubernetes overall is good.
  • for LAN specific deployments, should i create 1 namespace for each LAN or kubernetes labels are better to use or any other options
  • the external traffic usually comes via the static ip on hardware router, from there I need to route traffic usually within the LAN(thus ingress only within the LAN). How would ingress within the LAN would work.
  • also want to monitor, alarm and health check the entire cluster, namespace specific or label filtering.

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