#StackBounty: #windows #windows-10 #crash #telemetry Why are Windows 10 crashes not getting reported to Microsoft?

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I’ve been experiencing frequent Blue Screen of Death crashes on my Windows 10 PC, and the error message suggests the issue is the video driver. The exact nature of the problem isn’t important to my question, but I want to make sure Microsoft and their partners get as much data about the problem as possible so they can hopefully fix it. However, whenever I use Problem Report Viewer to check the diagnostic data for recent crashes, it always says that Windows errors have a status of "Not Reported".

Screenshot of Problem Report Viewer

The list of problems in the above screenshot is somewhat short, because I recently reinstalled Windows in an attempt to fix my problems. However, before the reinstall, I would often see several weeks worth of unexpected shutdown errors listed here, all with a status of "Not reported".

My question is, why are these reports not getting sent? Can I manually send this data to Microsoft or another hardware vendor somehow? Is there a setting in Windows that might be affecting this?

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