#StackBounty: #osx #music #media-player Music player for OSX with standard playlist capabilities?

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I’m experiencing high frustration looking for a music player for OSX Catalina – can anyone please recommend one? Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Primarily plays local music files (MP3 / FLAC) – online library / radio features should not be the focus
  • Lets you organize music into any number of playlists, and sort the music in a playlist by title, album, or artist
  • Lets you play a playlist on shuffle-repeat
  • Some way to quickly find the currently playing track in a playlist, to reorder or remove
  • A single window for playlist management and player controls (forced multiple windows is a deal-breaker)
  • Playlists can be reduced to show only track, album, artist, and maybe art – no ads, no social features, no forced integrations. I’m happy to pay for this privilege.
  • Big bonus points for any features that alert or identify duplicates in a playlist
  • Streaming from UPnP (or any local network streaming supported by Synology) a plus, but not necessary

Desktop apps are preferred, but I have the skills to work with open-source and web-based packages if necessary.

What I’ve Tried So Far

Spotify Premium – I left because my favorite tracks were constantly being disabled, and many of their playlist management features were broken. Shift-selecting a group of songs resulted in a patchy random selection, and clicking on the current song took you to a random song in the playlist, not the currently playing one.

Plexamp / Plex – current solution. It plays my playlists, but Plexamp doesn’t shuffle-repeat and doesn’t let you manage playlists at all – and Plex’s playlists are totally manual. Zero ability to sort, and painful to find the song currently playing in a playlist.

Apple Music – slow and clunky, playlist layout is bloated and cluttered, not a fan of the constant advertising and funnelling to their online features.

VOX, Musique, Elmedia Player and many others don’t seem to deal in playlists at all – or only let you have a single playlist.

VLC – I have seen a lot of recommendations for this, but the latest version is constantly throwing errors – or constantly prompting me to upgrade when I downgrade to 3.0.8. I also cannot figure out how to create new playlists other than a single queue.

Thanks in advance!

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