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Magento docs states that Sources represent locations storing and shipping available product stock, and "All stores begin with a default source that must remain enabled. Single Source merchants (merchants who ship all products from one location) use the default source for their single point of inventory location and shipments.".

In Magento 2.4 we have a new feature: In-store Delivery, which would allow our customers to have their order delivered to a specific "store source" depending on how far away it is from this source.

However, to use this feature we must have configured a non-default stock and source.
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So if I have a single inventory source (let’s call it default vendor), and a single stock (i.e.: venue 1 store), I cannot allow my customers to have their orders delivered at the store?

Am I getting it wrong, or it was poorly designed? Considering I got it wrong (most likely), what would be the correct way to have the above scenario configured in Magento 2.4+?

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