#StackBounty: #linux #google-chrome #cpu #fan #task-manager How to track down what's "melting" my laptop – spinning the fan

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CPU fan spins at random times.

Why it’s a problem?

Linux laptop is sitting in my room. Unused by me. Spins fan in irregular moments (probably using lot of CPU). Sometimes couple of seconds. Sometimes a few minutes. Then quiet again. A minute or few later fan noise again. The noise is very annoying. If I forget to turn laptop during night it wakes me up.

What I’m Asking?

Please tell me how to track down what uses CPU and spins the fan.

Is there a tool which would record in time what was using lot of CPU? Ideally also when was fan spinning? I would like to let that tool running for a while and then look at the data collected and find the root cause (or multiple).

What I already know?

I know tools like top or htop for linux processes. If I’m staring at them I can kind of guess what could be the reason, but it’s difficult and could be incorrect guess. When Chrome browser is likely to blame, I need to go to Chrome Task Manager (tree dots menu->More Tools->Task Manager), the same problem. I need to stare for long and guess what could be the issue.

E.g. If the process is really Chrome, and there is one stupid tab which needs to use all my CPU for whatever reason I can just make sure I close it when not needed. Or I can stop using that site, but I need to find out which webapp (chrome tab) it is. If it’s not a chrome, but another linux process, I will know if it’s legitimate use or if I can close it. Alternatively reduce priority or somehow else convince the process not to use all the resources at random times.

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