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I have a function to upload image to remote server. Upload function working fine, but once I add that upload function code block inside size validation block, it is not working.
here is the html

<input type="file" id="BtnBrowseHidden" name="files" style="display: none;" onchange="angular.element(this).scope().SelectFile(event)" />                                         
                                     <label class="btn bluebg " for="BtnBrowseHidden" id="LblBrowse" style="cursor:pointer;">
                                                  Update Image

here is the validation code

$scope.SelectFile = function (e) {       
        var ext = e.target.files[0].name.split('.').pop();
        var popupImage = angular.element(document.querySelector('#popup__UpdateImpage'));
        if (ext == 'png' || ext == 'gif' || ext == 'jpg' || ext == 'jpeg') {
            var reader = new FileReader();
            reader.onload = function (e) {
                var img = new Image();
                img.src = e.target.result;
                img.onload = function () {
                    if (img.height > 150 && img.width > 150) {
                        $scope.PreviewImage = e.target.result;
                        var payload = new FormData();
                        payload.append("file", e.target.files[0]);
                        var res = mainServices.uploadUserImage(payload);
                    else {
                        alert("File size doesn't support");
            //var payload = new FormData();
            //payload.append("file", e.target.files[0]);
            //var res = mainServices.uploadUserImage(payload);
            //res.then(function (response) {
            //    //alert("uploaded");
            //    var s = "uploaded";

If I add that code block outside the validation block, it works fine. but how can I restrict uploading only if the size is above that size?

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