#StackBounty: #wi-fi #networking #media-player #vlc VLC android not able to detect local network share

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I want to stream media files stored in my PC on my Android device.

I had started a DLNA server on windows 7 laptop with help of both in-built feature and a software called SimpleDLNA server, both of which immediately showed up on iOS VLC media player’s network tab, but neither of those ever showed up in the network shares tab in vlc media player of my android device.

The fact that it shows up in iOS device VLC player ensures that there is no problem on the server side.

Android device details

Samsung NOTE 5 32gb

Model No: N920G

Attempts to solve the issue

  1. I tried downloading beta version(3.3.0 RC_4-13,arm64-v8a) and an older version of VLC(3.1.0,arm64-v8a).

It didn’t work, Pl help me out to resolve this issue.

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