#StackBounty: #time-series #autoregressive How to quantify sensitivity in time series model?

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X and Y are time series of length T. X is the predictor and Y is the response. A linear model is fitted as follows:


where $beta$‘s and $alpha$ are such that they minimise squared errors between $Y$ and $hat{Y}$.

Now I want to know "How sensitive is $hat{Y}$ to X?"

In an ordinary linear regression (without the temporally lagged quantities on the right), the answer would just be $beta$, but here I have $N$ different $beta$‘s. Are there ways in which I can condense the$N$ different $beta$‘s into a scalar quantity? Or any other method to answer "How sensitive is $hat{Y}$ to X?"

Potentially relevant information but ignore if not needed:

  1. X and Y vectors are highly auto-correlated. For example, X is daily temperature, and Y is daily ice cream sales.
  2. When I say "How sensitive is $hat{Y}$ to X?", I mean how much is Y affected for changes in X. For example, ice cream sales would likely be very sensitive to daily lagged temperature, but laptop sales would probably be insensitive to daily lagged temperature.

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