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I am learning about spring boot & concurrency. I understand that when spring boot receives multiple request, it will spin up multiple threads to handle the request. I have a method here which accesses mongo. This method will save a new someResult (with probably some new values set by the caller). My question is if there are say 100 concurrent calls to my spring boot controller, and im getting someResult object, and setting the values and saving etc, will the values be inconsistent?

  public void upsert(SomeResult someResult) {
        String collection = this.SomeResultConfig.getCollectionSomeResultCollection();
        String queryStr = "{testingID : '%s'}";
        queryStr = String.format(queryStr, someResult.getTestingID());
        Query query = new BasicQuery(queryStr);
        List<SomeResult> someResultList = this.mongoOps.find(query, SomeResult.class, collection);
        if (someResult.size() != 0) {
            this.mongoOps.findAllAndRemove(query, collection);
        this.mongoOps.save(someResult, collection);

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