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I’m using Laravel 8. I have three models and I need those models "entangled", so to speak.

So, I have three basic tables


So the relationship needed is something like this:

  • Every t3 belongsToMany t1 and vice versa. (Many to Many)
  • Each t3.t1 relationship belongsToMany t2 (Many to Many)

My approach so far is this:

  • For the first relationship I have a belongsToMany realtionship defined on my models (t3.t1).
  • For the second relationship, I have created a custom pivot model for the pivot table, in that model I defined the second many to many relationship (t3t1.t2).

So far, the first relationship can be saved by doing $model->relatedModel()->attach($id);.

Now, for the second relationship, how can I attach the related models?

My last resort is to query the saved custom pivot model and attach the t2 model(s), but I wanted to ask first if there’s a cleaner, eloquent-laravel way to do this.

Any advice would help. Thanks in advance for taking your time.

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