#StackBounty: #shortcut-keys How to configure macOS-like text navigation shortcuts in ubuntu (delete word/line, move cursor by word/line)

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I use a mac for work doing technical writing, and I’ve recently got an ubuntu desktop at home (20.04). I’m using the same external keyboard for both, and the biggest thing I struggle with is I’m so used to using the following macOS hotkeys:

  • alt+backspace: delete word left (I realize that this can be achieved by cmd+backspace, but I’d prefer if everything was the same across OSs)
  • alt+left/right move cursor one word left/right (inc the cmd+shift combo to select+move)
  • cmd+backspce (delete line left)
  • cmd+left/right: move cursor to start/end of line (inc the cmd+shift combo to select+move)

Whenever I have to use a windows machine, I reconfigure it using autohotkey to give the mac-like shortcuts, is there an equivalent way that I can adjust these settings on a system-wide basis for ubuntu?

(and no, vim is not an option šŸ™‚ )

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