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I am reading an excel file, extracting a specific df and putting it in word document. The issues I face are:

  1. DF loses its shape once added to para. becomes totally useless.

Complete code is written below.

#importing required libraries
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
eod = pd.read_excel('df.xlsx')
import datetime
import docx 
from datetime import date
legal = docx.Document('legal.docx')

#Calculating No. days from SCN
eod['SCN Days'] = (pd.Timestamp('now').floor('d') - eod['SCN Date']).dt.days

#Generation list of EFE for Final Showcause Notice to be issued today
FSCN_today = eod.where(eod['SCN Days']>20)
#Dropping Null from generated list
FSCN_today = FSCN_today.dropna(how ="all")
FSCN_today = FSCN_today[['Exporter Name','EFE','DESTINATION','VALUE']]

#Getting Unique Values in the list generated
s_values = FSCN_today['Exporter Name'].unique()

#Iterating through List
for c in s_values:
    df1 = FSCN_today[FSCN_today['Exporter Name'] == c]
    legal.paragraphs[7].text = c
    legal.paragraphs[8].text = df1.iloc[10:1]
    legal.paragraphs[15].text = str(df1)
    notice_name = str(c)+ ".docx"

#Update Date & Status of FSCN Issued today
eod['FSCN Date'] = np.where((eod['Status']=="SCN ISSUED") & (eod['SCN Days']>20),date.today(),eod['FSCN Date'])
eod['Status'] = np.where((eod['Status']=="SCN ISSUED") & (eod['SCN Days']>20),"FSCN ISSUED",eod['Status'])

#In progress
name = "EOD "+ str(date.today())+ ".xlsx"
#eod.to_excel(name,index =False)  

Following line have error.

legal.paragraphs[15].text = str(df1)

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