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I’m trying to install CentOS7 into HP Microserver ProLient G8. I need to disable AHCI and change array driver as the following site describes.


I did the following command from boot prompt.

linux modprobe.blacklist=ahci inst.dd

and selected the number for the driver media of kmod-hpvsa-1.2.16-102.rhel7u3.x86_64.rpm

Then pressed ‘c’ to continue after I confirmed the toggle was selected as ‘x’ forkmod-hpvsa-1.2.16-102.rhel7u3.x86_64.rpm.

However, nothing is happen even showing error message.

It seems stopping or waiting something.

Does anyone tell how to continue the boot menu or how to check the system.

My installer is version 7.8.2003 CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-2003.iso

Additional information.

I also tried CentOS6.7.x86_64-minimal.iso with driver hpva-1.2.8-140.rhel6ux86.dd

There was an error below.

No new drivers were fond on this driver disk. This may    
Indicate that this disk has already been loaded or that     
the drivers it contains don't match your hardware. Would     
you like to manually select the driver, continue anyway,    
or load another driver disk? 
|Manually choose|     |Continue|    |Load another disk|

If I press Continue ,installation began and soon show following message.

           |No driver found|
Unable to find any drivers of the type
needed for this installation type.
Would you like to manually select your
driver or use a driver disk?
|Select driver| |Use a driver disk| |back|

Then went back to No new drivers were fond messages and repeating.

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