#StackBounty: #multiple-regression #survey #likert #scoring-rules How to include Score Value in Additive Model?

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Suppose, there are 3 subjects in a school named subject A, subject B and subject C.

A student is asked 2 questions for each subject, before an exam.

For example, suppose for subject A, each student is asked

enter image description here

Now, I want to incorporate IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Score of that student, in the above formula.

Please help to formalize the same.

enter image description here

Is the above formulation correct?

If correct, then what will be the justification for multiplying the ‘IQ Score’, instead of doing addition of the ‘IQ Score’?

Please tell me the prospective equation alongwith justification (and Model name, if any), which will help me to answer, if I am asked by any one…

If you have any queries regarding my question, please let me know….

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