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I was looking at the device administrators of my phone in the settings and saw a device administrator called "screen lock service". It’s description is "Activating this administrator will allow the app Google play services to perform the following operations: set password rules".

A previously unsettled question is found here.

I searched the net for the apk file of the application but could not find one. So as per suggestions, I ran

adb shell dumpsys package  resolvers | sed -n /android.app.action.DEVICE_ADMIN_ENABLED/,/:/p

The output for the above code was:

    438a74 com.motorola.demo/.admin.DemoModeAdminReceiver
    2acd3de com.google.android.gms/.auth.managed.admin.DeviceAdminReceiver
    36b5d24 ch.deletescape.lawnchair.ci/ch.deletescape.lawnchair.gestures.handlers.SleepMethodDeviceAdmin$SleepDeviceAdmin
    42aae3e com.google.android.gms/.tapandpay.admin.TpDeviceAdminReceiver
    8efd08d com.google.android.gms/.kids.account.receiver.ProfileOwnerReceiver
    9b4f242 com.google.android.gms/.mdm.receivers.MdmDeviceAdminReceiver
    a9980b6 com.oasisfeng.greenify/.DeviceAdmin
    b5771b7 com.google.android.gm/com.android.email.SecurityPolicy$PolicyAdmin

The data for the code is quite unsettling for the fact that none seem to correspond to screen lock service.

For reference, I am using Moto G5 Plus (not rooted, stock build with no customizations)

Also note that, I own another same device which is rooted and runs Pixel-Experience (Android 10 latest build) and unfortunately it does not have the Screen Lock Service.

An insight/breakdown for this application is helpful.

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