#StackBounty: #18.04 #python #python3 #sqlite #sqlite3 Is it possible to install SQLite 3.24+ on Ubuntu 18.04?

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I am trying to update my SQLite version to 3.24 or above so that a Python app can make use of the new “UPSERT” queries. I have been trying for a few hours to do this with little success; it refuses to update past 3.22.

I have attempted:

  • Using apt to install and reinstall sqlite / libsqlite3-dev (and various versions of this)

  • Downloading packages from launchpad (such as
    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.26.0-2) and attempting to install them

  • Using Python pip to try and update sqlite3

  • Adding a few PPA repos to try and grab it from there

  • Other various suggestions found from google

What I have not tried:

  • Building SQLite from source (this is a bit of a last resort for me)

Is it possible to install a version of SQLite 3.24+ on Ubuntu 18.04? If so, is the only way to build from source or is there an easy way to pick up a more recent version through apt (or similar)?

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