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I have a live installation of Debian 10.6.0 amd64, burnt on a DVD-RW using imgBurn, for school and I need it to be easily available in italian without much hassle.

If I boot it using its italian localisation support though, while the language is for the most part right (many parts still remain in english) the keyboard is set to US by default and I have to change it to IT everytime, same thing for the timezone, which is set to London and it winds the clock back two hours, which not only affects the clock of the BIOS but my Windows 10 installation’s as well (which I now have to synchronize everytime after I’m done with Debian).

I tried downloading the iso again multiple times, switch to a USB installation, disabling Secure Boot or enabling Legacy Mode, but they all give the same result.

What can I do to make it boot with the right keyboard layout and correct timezone at least, everytime I boot it, without having to run command lines each time?

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