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For a Flutter mobile app I am trying to use a Microsoft OAuthProvider to get a Firebase credential with which to sign the user into Firebase with their Azure AD account.

The closest I got was using a third party Active Directory auth package to log the user in and get an access token. However the sign-in to Firebase fails with an error message that suggests the idToken is invalid.

final AadOAuth oauth = new AadOAuth(config);
await oauth.login();

// accessToken looks legit
String accessToken = await oauth.getAccessToken();

String idToken = await oauth.getIdToken();

OAuthProvider provider = OAuthProvider('microsoft.com');

// Also tried the constructor without the idToken
OAuthCredential credential = provider.credential(accessToken: accessToken, idToken: idToken);

// app fails here:
await FirebaseAuth.instance.signInWithCredential(credential);

// this works fine, but only on web platform:
await FirebaseAuth.instance.signInWithPopup(provider);

Because it is a platform specific error (iOS in this case), the exception details are not surfaced. All I get is:

PlatformException(internal-error, ) nativeErrorCode: 17999

Here is my app settings in the Azure portal:


Full manifest here

Has anyone been successful in using Microsoft Auth to sign a user in to Firebase in a Flutter mobile app?

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