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I have implemented Auditing with Spring Data JPA, following exactly this documentation. Everything works fine when I run the app, but when I deploy the WAR to Tomcat and try to create an entity, I get an error in the getCurrentAuditor method.

I have secured my app with keycloak, so in AuditorAwareConfig i am trying to get the keycloak username, and after debugging i found out that request.getUserPrincipal() is null :

java.lang.NullPointerException: null
    at com.cevital.cirta.util.AuditorAwareConfig.getCurrentAuditor(AuditorAwareConfig.java:20) ~[classes/:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

AuditorAwareConfig :

public class AuditorAwareConfig implements AuditorAware<String> {
    private HttpServletRequest request;

    public Optional<String> getCurrentAuditor() {
        KeycloakPrincipal<KeycloakSecurityContext> kp = (KeycloakPrincipal<KeycloakSecurityContext>) request.getUserPrincipal();
        String userName = kp.getKeycloakSecurityContext().getToken().getPreferredUsername();
        return Optional.ofNullable(userName);

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