#StackBounty: #networking #wi-fi Xiaomi Redmi5 Cannot Connect to Phaser 3020 Printer

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I am trying to connect Xiaomi Redmi5 with a Phaser 3020 via Wi-Fi Direct. My iOS devices connect just fine. Xerox Printer Services cannot discover the printer. Tried it with the IP of the printer. Did not help. With the Default Printer Service (in Xiaomi called "System printing services" ->Find Wi-Fi Direct printers I reach the point whereby the printer is found judging by the message "add DIRECT-Nv Phaser 3020". Tapping on it invokes a message Connecting to DIRECT-Nv Phaser 3020 and the printer seems to start crunching for a sec. After that a message appears saying You may need to approve this connection on your printer’s front panel, but the printer has no panel except of 2 buttons (powerOff and WPS button) .Then followed by "Could not connect to DIRECT-Nv Phaser 3020". Apparently, the approval by the printer failed but I have no clue how to grant that approval. Tried pressing the two buttons in various combinations to no avail. Is there a way to connect this printer with the Redmi5 or they are intrinsically incompatible?

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