#StackBounty: #drawing Searching for papers about brush engines

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I am aware this question might be a bit vague, but i am searching for papers or posts about how raster based brush engine, normally used with pens (as in Krita fE), work.

I already implemented a simple rubber-stamp style brush engine in QT but am running into multiple problems regarding the quality and parametrization.
The default drawLine functions most frameworks support does not really help in my case since i need to be able to have variable size and color/opacity based on pen pressure and similar WITHIN a stroke.

Looking into Krita (and other OSS software in hat area) is definitely something i will do, but currently i am searching for more abstract information and dos and don’ts regarding this topic.
It might be that my googlefu is bad, but i didn’t found much on arxiv.org or similar yet.

Grateful for any tips or just better terms to search for.

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