#StackBounty: #c# #.net #asp.net-core #rtl-sdr #iq Store data in ( .wav) format from RTL-SDR device using c#

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I am able to connect with RTL-SDR using librtlsdr.dll and libusb-1.0.dll by using (https://github.com/nandortoth/rtlsdr-manager) wrapper in c# .netcore3.0 .

Started getting sampledata from device by set device frequency. i am getting data in List of IQ .

I need to store this data in .wav file .its very easy with chrome.usb.bulktransfer function. this function provide int8array,int32array,uint8array that is directly write able to .wav file .

i don’t have an idea how it could be done using c# from IQ array

any suggestions or code samples will be appreciated.

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