#StackBounty: #social-psychology #dreams #goals If we publicly state our plans, goals then is it impossible to accomplish it?

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According to many sources,

Publicly stating our goals or plans, makes us less likely to achieve them.

And so, this question hits me hard that if this is true, then what about these:

  • In childhood, we are told to be a successful person, good person, etc. and we commit & say that "I’ll be."
  • In schools, when teachers ask us, "Will you score good or not?", and we say "Yes, sir, we will do outstanding."

And even after stating these goals, they actually achieve it.

And several examples you’ll find and agree that we actually have stated our goals publicly!

We say these every time or mostly:

  • I need to breathe fresh air.
  • I’ll complete my task by evening
  • I will not die

In above three statements, aren’t we stating our very short term plans? Does saying them make a less likely to achieve them?

The question is: If we have already stated our goals, how unlikely is that we’ll achieve it?

According to many articles, (first, second) a research was conducted in among 150 of people, in which half of the people had to publicly state their goals and half of them have not stated their goal. After 45 minutes elapsed, they were examined. Results showed that those people who had not stated their goals word for entire 45 minutes and told that there still have to do a lot, and on the other hand those who publicly stated your goals worked only for 33 minutes and were ready to to leave the work and they did not complete their work nicely.

But, many articles (first, second) says that, "If your public reputation is something you hold in high regard, then failing publicly is probably going to push you to not want to fail publicly again. There is a greater chance you’re going to try hitting that goal again."

So, reputed sources are on both sides. However, I have so far, found more number of articles, saying that we should not tell our goals publicly.

But at last the question is: if we have stated our goals already, including some plans which are very important, what can we do now to undo that?

Isn’t there a clear explanation to which goals or plans to state and which not?

Are we now highly unlikely to achieve them?

And, as in the title of the question, is it impossible to achieve those publicly stated goals?

Note: This is not a broad question, there are only two to three things are in this question, which can be beautifully summarised in a paragraph. I would urge you to understand the aspect of the question and not as a a part by part mathematical question!

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